Our Story

It all began with three dreams. The roots of nations church go back to a powerful move of God that began in the year 1972 when the Lord gave Reinhard Bonnke the first of these three dreams.

The First Dream

In the year 1972 Reinhard Bonnke had a dream in which he saw a gigantic map of the African continent. And as he watched, it became washed in the precious blood of Jesus — from south to north and from west to east. Then he heard a mighty voice cry, “From Cape Town to Cairo, all Africa shall be saved!” This dream changed everything in Reinhard’s ministry and Christ for all Nations was born. Reinhard Bonnke, together with his wife Anni and their small children, embarked on an adventure that would see millions of people come to Christ and multitudes more empowered and equipped to preach the gospel. “Africa Shall be Saved” became a battle cry for Reinhard Bonnke and a phrase that came to be synonymous with his life and the ministry of Christ for all Nations. By the time of the late Reinhard Bonnke’s 80th birthday, Christ for all Nations would surpass 80 millions documented decisions for Christ. But this was only the beginning.

The Second Dream

In the year 2012, Reinhard had a second dream. He said that his dream was so real, he wasn’t sure if he was asleep or awake. In fact, he didn’t know if it was a dream or a vision. He said he was projected into the future where he overheard two personalities talking. They were discussing amazing things going on in the world at that time. But there was one thing of particular interest. One of the voices asked, “What ever happened to Reinhard Bonnke?” The reply was this, “Oh, Reinhard Bonnke was just the forerunner of a whole generation of Holy Spirit evangelists.” Then he woke up.

Reinhard lived with an awareness that he needed to impart something to the next generation for the sake of this great coming harvest. That’s why he wrote books, produced media, held Fire Conferences and preached relentlessly. During the last few years of his life, one of his favorite themes was, “Passing the torch to the next generation.” He preached about it often as he visited many countries for the last time. And this is where we come the third dream.

The Third Dream

In 2017, the Lord began to speak to Pastor Daniel Kolenda about the upcoming decade as a “Decade of Double Harvest.” He had no idea at the time that Reinhard Bonnke would pass away less than a month before the beginning of the decade. What he felt in his heart is that over the next ten years or so, God would double the number of souls saved to over 150 million. In other words, He would do in the next ten years what had taken the previous 30 combined! It would be a supernatural acceleration of the harvest in this critical hour of history. But that double harvest is not the dream. That acceleration will simply be the catalyst for an exponentially greater harvest, perhaps the greatest evangelistic movement the world has ever known. It will propel “a whole new generation of Holy Spirit evangelists” into the fields before Jesus returns!

Pastor Daniel tells us, “I became the successor of Reinhard Bonnke when I was just 28 years old. It’s an understatement to say I felt unqualified and out of my depth. At times I wondered why God chose me. I didn’t ask for this assignment and never even saw it coming. Never once have I believed that God put me in this position for my own personal benefit. I didn’t inherit this ministry because of any family relation. I have never felt entitled to it. Nor do I believe my calling is just to maintain Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry for another fifty years. I can remember on more than one occasion, Reinhard, while preaching a sermon, stopping mid-sentence, turning toward me sitting on the front row, pointing his finger at me and saying in a commanding tone, “Daniel, you are not to become the custodian of my legacy. Preach the gospel!” What he was saying, and what he did say many times, is that he had no desire just to perpetuate his ministry for the sake of his legacy. That is not why we are here. No! In this next season, God will use this incredible platform Reinhard and Anni Bonnke and many others spent a lifetime building, to launch that new generation of Holy Spirit evangelists.”

The Lord showed Pastor Kolenda that the exponential increase would come, not simply through addition (CfaN conducting more campaigns and bigger campaigns), but through multiplication. The two words that the Lord gave him, the words that are ringing in his heart, the keys to seeing this dream of a world-wide harvest become reality are these: MULTIPLY and COLLABORATE!

We are going to multiply by training, equipping, and launching thousands of evangelists. In fact, we’ve already been doing this on a small scale for the last couple years. Ever since the Lord spoke to Pastor Daniel in 2017, our ministry has reconfigured everything to accommodate this word. We have been experimenting, testing, improving, and perfecting the system that will become the incubation chamber for this multiplication.

In addition to the 40-plus campaigns Christ for all Nations will be conducting each year in Africa, Pastor Daniel’s goal is to raise up, train and equip 2,000 campaign evangelists over the next decade. The “Decade of Double Harvest” is only the beginning — a catalyst for the greatest movement of world evangelism in history. And this is what I believe Reinhard dreamt about when he heard that voice saying, “Reinhard Bonnke was just the forerunner of a whole new generation of Holy Spirit evangelists.” This is how I believe the fulfillment of his vision of a blood washed Africa from Cape Town to Cairo and beyond, will be fulfilled.

The other word the Lord gave me was “collaborate.” In the past, evangelists were seen as lone rangers who were unwilling (or perhaps unable) to work together. In my experience, evangelists are often very lonely. One evangelist called Pastor Daniel recently to tell him about the campaign he had just returned from. After many wonderful testimonies of all that God had done, there was a silence. Then he said, “You know sometimes I just feel so lonely. I don’t even know who to tell about what God is doing. I just needed someone to talk to.” Evangelists need community just like everyone else. They need a community to belong to, and colleagues to encourage them and hold them accountable. One of the driving factors for Nations Church is to be that community.

Furthermore, our heart is to affect our local community with the same impact we have seen in the continent of Africa and around the world. The evangelistic ministry of Christ for all Nations, which is led by our very own Pastor Daniel Kolenda, have seen over 80 million should saved! Yet there is a burden on Pastor Kolenda’s heart to see our city shaken by the power of the Gospel. Pastor Daniel said, “When I drive down OBT and I see the prostitute, the drug addict, and the condition of our own town my heart breaks, and I say [God, don’t let us win nations around the world and let our own city go to Hell.]” As a large number of evangelists move into the city, they are preaching on the streets and many new believers need to be discipled. That is when the Lord spoke to Pastor Daniel and told him to plant a church here in Orlando. Can you imagine one hundred evangelists on the streets every day preaching the Gospel and bringing Heaven to Earth? Orlando will be shaken by the power of God! Now is the time for The Decade of Double Harvest right here in Central Florida. This is the heart of Nations Church. We are going from the nations of the world, to the neighborhoods of Central Florida!

Now we invite you to join us as we serve to usher in the greatest move of God ever seen on this city in all of history.